Frequently Asked Questions

What is this place?

The madewiththis.com site is a community for creatives. Here, you’ll find a Collection of Creative THINGS made by professionals and hobbyists from around the world. You’ll also get to see what our registered creators are sharing with the community.

Is this place free?

Yes, there is NO CHARGE to browse the collection or to add a THING to it. There is also NO CHARGE to join the network and become a registered creator.

What’s the difference between the collection and the network?

The Collection of Creative THINGS is an alphabetical directory of creative things. Typically, these are complete projects and/or products.

The Creator Network and its activity feed represent the community. It might help to think of the activity feed as a feed similar to Twitter and Instagram.

What type of THINGS are in the collection?

The collection consists of Traditional Art, Digital Art 2D/3D, Design Projects, Development Projects, Animation, Film, Broadcasts, Entertainment, Assets, Resources, Tutorials, Tools, and more.

How do I add THINGS to the COLLECTION?

It’s easy, just use this form.

How do I join the NETWORK?

There’s a different form for that.

Will I lose ownership of the creative work I submit?

No, absolutely not. This site and its operators claim no intellectual property rights over the material you submit. The content you upload remains the property of the original creator(s).

We do our best to follow all copyright laws and protect the intellectual property of the original creators. If you feel something isn’t right, please send a message to contact@madewiththis.com.

Who Maintains this site?

The madewiththis.com site is owned and operated by Tammy Coron of Just Write Code.

Why did you start this site and the collection?

The goal of this site is to help other creators find inspiration and share their work without the obnoxious and toxic environments (and distractions) of other social networks. Technically, this isn’t a social network, so you won’t see any blue checkmarks, the number of likes and dislikes, or any of the typical social status symbols that sometimes prevent creatives from sharing their work.

Why is there such a strong focus on what technologies were used?

Have you ever wanted to make something, but you weren’t sure what to use to make it? Finding out what cool THINGS people can make with Adobe Photoshop or Unity, for example, might help you decide what you can use to make your THING.

Where can I go to find out more about this site?

Well, the About page, of course. 😁

What are the future plans for this site?

At this time, the core features are 100% complete. While I do have plans to add more features, I also want to keep this site free to use, so I can only add features as I can afford it. If you’d like to help, please consider making a small donation by clicking the “Show Your Support” graphic below. Thanks!